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Herefords in the Deer Park

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Last autumn we welcomed Harry Dark and his Hereford cattle.  

Those of you have been following the nature recovery project at Trelowarren will know how much we wanted cattle back on the ground to drive soil recovery with all its associated benefits. 

Last autumn we were delighted to welcome Harry Dark and his herd of Herefords. Harry bought his first heifers when he was twelve and now, with the arrival of two new calves in January, the herd of 32 grazes Trelowarren’s 1580 deer park with two-year-old bull, Magee, in charge. Unbelievably in just six months we have we have seen an increase species of flora and fauna. The variety of birds has increased the most now, but this spring we will be out there counting dung beetles! 

This year Trelowarren has taken part in the Big Farmland Bird Count – check out the website to see what’s going on to measure the birds we have in the UK. 

Big Farmland Bird Count

We hope in about 12 months to be able to offer our customers delicious beef, reared on Trelowarren,  both by mail, delivery to our visitors’ cottages, and through the restaurant. Here’s hoping we have fewer problems than Jeremy Clarkson has. 

 Watch this space. 

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