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Ferrers has sought out some great wine for you to enjoy.

wineBuy by the bottle or the box to take home or by the bottle or the glass to drink in The New Yard Shop.

Beaujolais Regnie 2011, Fred and Helen Lockwood       £10.00

You remember the Beaujolais Nouveau race of the 1980’s – well, we all profoundly went off Beaujolais after that, but Fred and Helen Lockwood are making a really refreshing Regnie Beaujolais, which is winning prizes and must be tried. Fantastic drunk chilled with our wood fired pizzas.

Rose de Grezette 2011, Alain Perrin    £10.00                  

We find Rose essential in hot weather and Alain, who come shooting here at Trelowarren, has transformed Malbec production at his Chateau LaGrezette. This has a steely refreshing quality and a subtle strong flavour of strawberries. Well it did when Victoria and I tasted in Cahors!        Brilliant.

Dame de Grezette Viognier  2010, Alain Perrin    £15.00                   

A fabulous Viognier – a must for those who need an introduction to this grape. Also made by Alain Perrin in neighbouring Rocmadour.

Chateau Sainte Barbe, Bordeaux Superieur 2010         £10.00                 

This is the best Bordeaux from Antoine Touton, a friend of our family, who has just sold this chateau on the opposite bank of river from Bordeaux. Little known, it has produced fantastic quality staple Bordeaux for many years. This is the last chance you will have to try it. A seriously fantastic price for an excellent Bordeaux.

Merlot Sainte Barbe, 2010       £8.00                 

This has to be your entertaining wine, when you have a few friends around who like a ‘few’ glasses.  A bonkers price for Antoine’s Merlot Sainte Barbe. Has been much abused by our family.   Very, very drinkable French Merlot at an amazing price.

Chateau La Grezette, 2009     £17.50           

If you want to have an introduction into Cahors Malbec this is the place to start. Alain Perrin has invested heavily in vinification processes, in an area which has been under capitalised compared to its posh neighbour Bordeaux. This is an entry level chateau wine malbec, which climbs up and up to the famed ‘Pigeonnier’, of which I have one bottle. For serious Cahors lovers this is great drinking.

Zette 2008            £20.00    

This gold medal winner malbec was a surprise for us in terms of price and quality. Magnums are great for dinner parties, although they do need to be opened in the morning! Zette 2008 is a rounded malbec and very drinkable. No surprises it has won awards. It is also Made by Alain Perrin.

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