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One of the things we do is build beautiful buildings for other people.

BuildingSite3About a decade ago we watched nationally renowned contractors build/convert our first houses (and gnashed our teeth and tore out our hair because they were so slow and expensive and inept) and then we thought, thank you very much I think we can probably do that better and cheaper and more efficiently.

So we took on our own excellent and very experienced project manager David Bray (from here on The Lizard)  and built the rest of our new houses for ourselves and of course did several did full conversions as well. And then we thought we’ve put together rather a lot of specialist skills over the last decade, and what’s more we’re honest and efficient  and can talk to people – I wonder if that’s what clients are looking for? Froe1So we took on another very experienced project manager David Henn (also from The Lizard) and for a London client we built/converted an amazing dream house right by the water on the Roseland Peninsula. Great glass doors slid silently into walls, unsupported balconies were cantilevered through the building, cement floors were polished, slate sinks were commissioned from a local stonemason; floors were raised, floors were lowered; and finally we discovered that you can mishearreclaimed sea defences as reclaimed cedar fences. Quite funny really.

And then for the same client we converted The Watch House in St Mawes, which was a brown and orange in a dark non-charming retro way, into a cool airy new restaurant..

View3Meanwhile in Perranwell we converted a stable block in the demesne of a Grade 1 listed building and the project went really well. Excellent architects, great builders who adapt to new requirements and and an understanding of Grade 1 listed buildings and their owners made that project a real pleasure. Working with listed buildings is definitely a TEL strength. We know how to respect and look after the building and we listen properly to the owner – they are usually experts anyway and they know where all the pipes are too.

Currently we have two off-site Trelowarren projects.

For Swallowcourt we are building a state-of-the-art retirement home in the old port of Penryn. The core of the site is the old Cross Keys but there is a considerable extension for the new bedroom suites. Cross Keys is a straightforward build in terms of there being no listing, but as a retirement home it has quite specific technical requirements for managing the safety and comfort of the residents.

By contrast at (which is the posh end of Praa Sands) and about 50 meters from the breaking waves, we are building the ultimate beach house for London Architects Michaelis Boyd Associates. Glass walls, sedum roofs, outdoor kitchens – all very chic and high spec and about  million miles from a Grade 1 building conversion. It is going to be incredible and beautiful and a crerdit to a project where builders and architects have to keep talking throughout the build and craftsmen take pride in what they do. It can’t hurt that everyone goes to work with those views!

View2So what do we do?

  1. We specialise in high specification sustainable and environmental building solutions because we have the experience that will create a terrific building. But more than that we hope that by clear and sympathetic liaison we can make the process more enjoyable and less stressful for our clients. After all, building or converting a house is usually the culmination of many years of planning and saving and should not become a hideous agony.
  2. We also specialise in the in the contruction work associated with listed buildings. Having dealt with our own Grade 1 listing for 30 years we have the knowledge, the expertise and the workforce to tackle any kind of project.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with TEL, please get in touch with the Trelowarren Estate Office on 01326 221224.

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  1. Michael McNish says:

    Hello there
    My wife and I are currently looking for a building contractor based on the Lizard to undertake an extension and refurbishment project for a house we acquired in Helford village last year. All permissions and consents have been received and all design fully completed etc. Total enlarged space will be 244 sq m, over two floors.
    Would this be a project you would interested in discussing with us? If so, please be in touch. Regs Michael McNish

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