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Trelowarren Share Frequently Asked Questions

Trelowarren Share

polgear-terrace-02Q: What is the term of the lease?
A: A full lease is one week (RCI calendar) each year, for 20 years. So for Polgear in Week 22 you pay £8,200 and you can come for Week 22 (first week in June) for the next 20 years. That equates to £410 a year + the annual service charge. So you can guarantee your holiday is considerably less than a self catering week this year, and with a substantial saving over the next 20 years.

Q: Why buy a Trelowarren Share week at Trelowarren?
A: Well there are all kinds of practical reasons like comfort, and plumbers, and cleaning, and value -but we think that the best reason is Trelowarren itself. It is beautiful and tranquil.
Find out what some of our current owners have said in our Guestbook.

Q: What happens if I can’t come one year?
A: You can be a member of RCI and you can trade your week in Trelowarren with some amazing locations around the world. Trelowarren has a very high rating and so your week will earn you a lot of points elsewhere
Visit the RCI website to see where you could go instead (you have up to 2 years to trade).
You could also choose to let your week for self catering – Trelowarren will manage that for you.
Sometimes it is possible that Trelowarren have got an equivilent week that they could swap your week for (subject to availability). So there are lots of choices.

lankidden-bathroom-02Q: What happens if we need a bigger house or a different week at some stage during our lease?
A: When your circumstances change it may be possible to put the equity left in your lease towards a new lease in a different house or a different week (subject to availability).

So we think buying 20 years of holidays in beautiful South Cornwall at today’s price just makes good sense.

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