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Special offers and resale opportunities

timeshare-specialsHow about a two week deal? June is great … but so is September. June or September? June or September? June AND September – there’s an idea.

We think buying 20 years of holidays in beautiful South Cornwall at today’s price just makes good sense.

If you can’t come for some reason one year – we can put it up for self catering and you can earn an income from your week.

New timeshare weeks and resales are available for the following cottages:

  • Chyreen

    This house is one of the Lower Barn houses situated in a very secluded position providing lots of privacy and a safe garden for children to play in. There are terrace areas for entertaining and to simply relax and enjoy the sunshine, peace and tranquillity.

    New timeshare weeks available:
    The following weeks are now available for 20 year agreements: weeks 29 and 30 (high season – summer holidays).

    Resale opportunities for Chyreen
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    31expires 2035£15,000
    36expires 2036£9,400
    41expires 2035£4,595
  • Doctor’s Cottage

    Peacefully positioned in the centre of the estate, the thatched Doctor’s Cottage dates from the 16th century and retains its original character whilst being renovated to high modern standards.

    New timeshare weeks available:
    The following weeks are now available for 20 year agreements: weeks 30 and 31 (high season – summer holidays).

  • Downas

    This is the cosiest of the Great Office houses and is ideally situated near to the main courtyard and the new leisure centre.
    Resale opportunities for Downas
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    17expires 2038£4,700
    18expires 2038£4,700
    45expires 2038£1,895
    20expires 2031£2,250
    21expires 2033£5,250
  • Fogou

    Away from it all, in the historic centre of the estate, Fogou Cottage, dating from the 16th century, stands close to the unique underground monument it is named after. It retains its thatched, period charm but has been modernised to Trelowarren standards.
    Resale opportunities for Fogou
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    24expires 2033£4,050
    36expires 2033£9,000
    37expires 2035£7,000
  • Goldfringey

    This is a large luxury three bedroom house. It is at the opposite end of the Long Valley terrace to Tregenna and has great views and privacy with extensive garden and terrace areas.

    Easter week 13 is available to buy (won’t be around for long)!

    Resale opportunities for Goldfringey
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    21expires 2036£12,000
  • Halliggye

    Everybody loves this south-and-west-facing, 18th century cob and stone cottage, with its sun-trap terrace, big garden and wonderful views across the Goonhilly Downs.
    Resale opportunities for Halliggye
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    28expires 2033£12,200
  • Lankidden

    This handsome three-bedroom property has an enclosed grass garden to the north and a sunken, walled terrace garden on its south side – a natural suntrap.
    Resale opportunities for Lankidden
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    40expires 2032£5,300
    17expires 2033£2,550
    18 expires 2034£2,500
    12Expires 2032£1,200
  • Penhillick

    This house is one of the Upper Barn houses and follows the design of Chyreen. It is situated in a secluded position providing lots of privacy as well as beautiful country views. There is a safe garden for children to play in, terrace areas for entertaining and relaxing, designed to make the most of the sunshine, peace and tranquillity.
    Resale opportunities for Penhillick
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    19expires 2041£7,600
    20expires 2041£7,600
  • Pentreath

    Pentreath shares all the best features of The Great Office conversion – notably high ceilings with character wooden beams and a high standard of decor making this house both cosy and modern.
    Resale opportunities for Pentreath
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    43expires 20377,000
    32expires 2036£15,000
    33expires 2032£16,000
    34expires 2034£12,300
  • Polgear

    Polgear is one of the Long Valley mid terrace houses, adjacent to Goldfringey, with a private garden and patio area. It is separated, on the ground floor from Polwyn, by a central walkway through the terrace building allowing access to the rear garden.
    Resale opportunities for Polgear
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    19expires 2035£5,250
    7expires 2038£3,000
  • Skewye

    Skewye is adjacent to Chyreen and is one of the two Lower Barn houses. This luxurious house has very secluded grounds with lots of privacy and terrace areas for BBQ's and entertaining.
    Resale opportunities for Skewye
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    34expire 2035£14,900
  • St Anthony

    St Anthony is the flagship of the Regency barn conversion called The Great Office. It is a large and sunny house, with a breakfast conservatory on the east side and a wraparound garden, complete with terraces and outdoor furniture so that you can choose to entertain or relax, in or out of the sun.

    New timeshare weeks available:
    The following week is now available for a 20 year agreements: week 25  (late June).

    Resale opportunities for St Anthony
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    43expires 2034£5,450
  • Tregenna

    Tregenna, an end of terrace house, has probably one of the best locations on the estate overlooking the Long Valley. The house is surrounded by exceptionally large lawns and terraces, perfect for children.
    Resale opportunities for Tregenna
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    42expires 2041£11,000
  • Wheal Liberty

    Wheal Liberty adjacent to Wheal Prosper is the largest of our two bedroom properties. Like Wheal Prosper it too is beautifully designed and is situated at one of the highest positions on the estate.

    New timeshare weeks available:
    Our best selling house in 2014 – everyone just loves it. We have two weeks in September now available – weeks 36 and 39 (also a favourite month for holidays in Cornwall) – a winning combination!

    Resale opportunities for Wheal Liberty
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    11expires 2039£1,200
    12expires 2039£1,200
    37expires 2039£7,300
    13expires 2041£4,700
    14expires 2041£5,200
    40expires 2041£5,200
    41expires 2041£4,400
  • Wheal Prosper

    Wheal Prosper overlooks the Old Tudor Warren and at 148 sq. meters is our largest three bedroom holiday property. The house is beautifully designed and is situated at one of the highest positions on the estate taking advantage of the far reaching views.
    Resale opportunities for Wheal Prosper
    RCI weekLength of leasePrice
    17expires 2038£6,500
    4expires 2040£2,830
    35expires 2039£16,785
    44Expires in 2040£4,500
    38Expires in 2034£5,350

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