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  • It’s Going to be a Beautiful Day

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    So many lovely things to look forward to on an early Easter holiday at Trelowarren. Sitting on a sunny river beach or body boarding on a surfing beach; Sitting by the pool at Trelowarren reading your book while the family enjoy themselves; coffee and cake in the Stable Yard; a walk to the underground Fogou. […]

  • Easter at Trelowarren is Magical

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    Easter at Trelowarren is Magical Everyone talks about the amazing light in Cornwall. It happens because we are surrounded by the blue blue sea – and when sea and spring sunshine combine there is alchemy – I kid you not. What to do? If it’s sunny – and it will be sunny – drop everything […]

  • Easter 2012

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    Easter is the perfect time to have a few days relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Think sunshine and primroses and the first few barbeques of the year on a picturesque beach chosen so that you can tuck away from any chilly winds. New For April A new one bed cottage near the Fogou will be […]