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Our committment to eco holidays & carbon offsetting

About us

While you’re at Trelowarren of course you’ll enjoy the exceptional comfort, warmth and the stylish finish in our houses – but don’t be deceived. You can be comfortable and green.

A clear carbon conscience

tregenna01Prove it? We’ve done our best to use natural building materials with as little embedded energy as possible; and our new houses have ‘super’ insulation well beyond building regulations (some of our old houses are built of cob and thatch – they knew a bit about super insulation in the old days); and the new buildings are designed to fully exploit the beautiful natural Cornish light; and last, but not least, we have led the way by installing a district heating system fuelled by a single bio-mass boiler.

That’s a few things we’ve done.

Even the tap water is pretty cool at Trelowarren. Most of our water comes from our own springs. It doesn’t travel, it doesn’t need to be filled with chemicals, it doesn’t leak, and it absolutely doesn’t come in plastic bottles.

What will you notice?

Well, you’ll probably notice Shelly’s re-cycling drive. We’ve all seen landfills. We all know we can’t just keep chucking stuff away. So at Trelowarren we re-cycle as much of our paper, plastic, tins and bottles as the local system allows. That’s good, because there seem to be quite a lot of bottles. But it’s not really good enough. We’re working on that.

Shelley has also been instrumental in achieving the installation of a charging station for use by any of our visitors driving an electric vehicle. The charging station, provided by, is located by the car park at the entrance to the stable yard, which also houses our award winning restaurant, art gallery and the Cornwall Crafts Association Gallery.

How about Carbon offsetting?

Trelowarren-Library-No-2-058People keep telling us that carbon offsetting is the answer to a clean carbon conscience. It seems very convenient.

In the end we believe we have to take responsibility for what we do. Personal responsibility. When you offset your carbon emissions the carbon is still pouring into the atmosphere and that can’t be a good thing.

So Trelowarren has invested in the future by cutting carbon emissions.

Carbon neutral. We like the sound of that.