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A celebration of spring by Ferrers Vyvyan

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FLORA DAY is nearly here! 

John the Bone was walking home, 

When he met with Sally Dover, 

He kissed her once, 

He kissed her twice, 

And kissed her three times over…. 

Apparently in the 19th century the children of Helston had their own lyrics to the Furry Dance which they sang as they danced.

Helston Flora Day (Wednesday 8th May) is upon us – our own ancient fair to celebrate the arrival of Spring. They’ll be the wonderful Helston Town Band, dancing, quite a few drinks and a helluva lot of chat. It is a genuinely joyful day with traditional dances designed to drive the winter shadows away. 

Visitors are very welcome and if you come stay with us we will tell you, where to be and when. You need to get up early, but don’t worry the pubs open at! 

It’s not difficult to understand why we have an ancient Spring festival here on the Lizard. It’s that we have such a wide range of wonderful wildflowers. The Lizard is one of the top four botanical sites of the UK and if you are a plant lover this is the time of the year to see them. 

Of course, there are lost woodlands with seas of bluebells punctuated by the wonderful white stars of wild wood anemones, but the Lizard has many more botanical crown jewels and by finding them, protecting them and learning their names you are supporting our very own ecology. 

So, if you come to Flora Day here’s a list of wonderful local flowers we can show you: 

Bluebells. (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) we have these by the acre. At the moment we have no ‘hispanica’ on Trelowarren although the Spanish cross pollinated with Cornish when they invaded Penzance in the 16th century … but that’s another story. 


Wood anemones. (Anemonoides nemorosa) I have to admit one of my favourites but only around for a couple more weeks. We seem to have a variant double ‘vestal’ running wild about the place 


Cuckoo flower. (Cardamine pratensis) I love this delicate early flowerer of species rich grassland 

Lily of the Valley. (Convallaria majalis) The flower of Flora Day, everyone will be wearing a sprig.  

And we haven’t even got to all those wonderful flowers out on our cliff walks all within minutes of Trelowarren. Thrift, sea campion, wild asparagus, vetch, different worts and trefoils, Centaury and Scurvy Grass to name a few. 


If you come and stay at Trelowarren in the next few weeks we will be happy to suggest walks that will get you out to see these wonderful local flowers in some of the most breathtaking scenery.  Or why not book Fogou, Downas, Polgear or Tregenna and we can offer you a specially tailored Flora Day short break.

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