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The time to mend the roof is when the sun shines

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Cue – hollow laughter. When the next stop to the west is America, The Lizard can take quite the winter beating. And if we’d waited for the sun in this the rainiest of winters, we’d still be waiting.

Down at Carleen,,  the full scaffolding went up in December and local roofer Henri Blight, with support from his father Peter and brother Tom, have been replacing the roof. Henri’s Lizard Roofing Co. is well known to be the very best in Cornwall, and probably everywhere, and Henri was born and raised on Trelowarren – so it just goes to show.

They have been up there in rain, strong winds and freezing conditions.  The chimneys came down and have been put back up again. They have replaced all the rotten wood, re-insulated the roof space and have ‘finished’ all of the slate for the house by hand laying  them in diminishing courses.

And it needed to be done. The roof has been patched and patched over the years and then it was just over. Two or three large sections went south in a storm and operation Carleen roof was on. Georgie from Winfrey’s Property Management is managing the project, she found and hand-picked six crates of beautiful silvery Delabole slate. Any slate that we can re-use has also been crated back up to be stored – perhaps for the melted house.         


So, despite the weather Carleen is getting ready for 2024 and the first holidays of the spring. Beatrix is in the garden clearing and cutting back and getting the pots ready around the pool for the amazing sun struck days. The house with its Aga, toasty Chilli Penguin stove and amazing new roof is getting ready for families, barbecuing and gathering in the kitchen chatting. And when all of Carleen’s old friends, and some new ones, arrive – I know they will stand back and really look at a proper roof for what it is – a work of art.



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  1. Wendy Potter says:

    What a fantastic piece of restoration work. Well done to everyone involved.

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