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The beach is this way

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River Beaches, Sandy Beaches, Wavy Beaches, Remote Beaches and beaches with cafes and ice creams. They’re all 10 to 15 minutes from Trelowarren.

The thing about going to the beach from Trelowarren is that we have so many choices, and we don’t even have to leave the Lizard. Part of the fun is sitting with a coffee and making that decision.

For years we would celebrate an August family birthday by making sure we were on Pentreath for breakfast by 8am. We’d make breakfast kebabs and BBQs and fill the back of the old Montego with baskets of food and more charcoal and every set of friends parking up would open the boot and bring more down. At the end of the day the process was reversed. Tired and sandy, we’d pick up the last few swimming costumes and, carrying the littlest ones, we’d go back up the hill where all the empty bags would have been tidily put back in the car.

Or on any warm evening we grab the BBQ, the children and some thick jerseys and then head for Kennack. We arrive just as everyone else is leaving and can still be swimming and eating and chatting when the sun finally sets.

Sometimes a more remote cove is worth plenty of planning and a full day’s expedition and sometimes we just want to spend a day on the river with some on the beach paddling and swimming and some on the boat.

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