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Amazing May

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Bluebells, Dancing and Extreme Sailing

Flora Day is Friday 8th May

flora-dayHelston, the Cornish market town, where for hundreds of years, the townsfolk have celebrated and enjoyed the wonderful tradition that is FLORA DAY.

This ancient festival is usually held on May 8th , unless that date falls on a Sunday or Monday, in which case the previous Saturday is taken. It is a Spring festival to celebrate the end of winter and mark the arrival of the new vitality and fertility with the trees and flowers bursting into life. The houses and shops of the town are decorated with greenery and floral arrangements to express the spirit of renewal.

When the big bass drum strikes the first beat of the dance at seven in the morning, the spirit of the day is stirred and the celebrations commence. Some eighty couples dance through the streets, entering selected houses and shops to drive out the darkness of winter and bring in the light of spring.

The colourful Pageant, known as Hal an Tow, tells the history of Helston with the participating characters singing about the challenge of the Spanish Armada, the English patron saint, St. George and the fight between St Michael and the devil.

Details of the Dances 

Morning Dance : Starts from the Guildhall at 7am
The Hal-an-Tow : Starts on St John’s Bridge at 8:30am
The Children’s Dance : Starts from Wendron Street at 9:40am
The Midday Dance : Starts from the Guildhall at 12 noon
The Evening Dance : Starts from the Guildhall at 5pm

Dates to Look Forward to:

June 12 – 14th Falmouth Classics Cup


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