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Memorable Family Holidays

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Trelowarren is the opportunity to find those traditional holidays that you remember as a child.

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Here is our latest list of things that you and the family might enjoy during your stay:

  1. Freedom to roam – play – walk and run.  With 1000 acres of woodland and pasture you have lots of space to enjoy the countryside.
  2. Empty beaches to explore – we have about 14 beaches which are within 10 minute drive of Trelowarren – and quite a few are dog friendly all year round
  3. Cliff walks to the pub and back – it is amazing how much further you can walk after enjoying refreshments at a beach cafe or harbour pub.
  4. beach-picnicCosy coves to swim, bbq and sleep for the afternoon.  With so many beaches to choose from, there is always one out of the wind – ideal to enjoy your swim and sun bathing.
  5. Messing about on the river – in a sailing  boat, a canoe or a fishing boat – safely, easily and back before the sun goes down.  Have a mini adventure and cook your supper on the beach.
  6. Get a crab line and catch a crab while enjoying fish and chips off the harbour wall, it makes it all so much more civilized somehow. Last one to catch a crab buys the drinks.
  7. Cycling through Trelowarren and over the Goonhilly Downs. The Cornish heathland is a wildlife haven  – how many birds and wild flowers can you see in just a couple of hours exploring.
  8. Playing Pooh sticks on the bridge …. with streams and rivers on the estate and across the Lizard, we can also add building a dam to the fun as well.
  9. Playing Monopoly or Canasta with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire.   Ahhhh – remember life before endless TV and internet distractions.
  10. Go on a car safari – just drive – without a plan – and see where you end up!  I was always amazed at how we managed to get home in time for tea when we were so absolutely lost!

The fantastic thing about Trelowarren is that you can enjoy all of things that you did as a child with the added luxury of all the modern facilities of Sky TV, Internet, restaurants on site, lots of local attractions to enjoy, brilliant artists to find, a train to take you into St Ives  (not quite so new – but it does save that big climb back up the hill with all of your shopping bags), a luxury heated ozone pool and a pulse fitness gym.

Here are some more adventures you might be able to fit into your stay:

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