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November – Movember

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We are stunned by autumn glory around the estate.

MossinFrostPoetry and moustaches

Autumn is over the long leaves that love us

And over the mice in the barley sheaves

Gone is the red of the rowan above us

And gone are the wet wild strawberry leaves.

W.B. Yeats

What’s On?

1.  We are up and running with our Trelowarren facebook site so do come and have a look at the day-to-day business of living in wonderful West Cornwall – and you can follow us on twitter too.

Floods and sunsets, heroes and villains, sewage and roses. We can also let you know of last minute availability, spa specials and restaurant events so that you can be first to know everything there is to know as it happens.

2.  The preparation of the Clock Tower Lawn as the Most Romantic Wedding Reception Site – Ever, goes on apace.  As Trelowarren prepares to host weddings in the beautiful surroundings of the estate, lots of activity is occuring to make sure that the garden is in great shape for the New Year.  Keep up to date with activities on facebook.

3.  With the help of a supersize chipper we chipped enough wood in one day to last until next May.  I am hoping this will give Phil a few days to come into the garden with the big chainsaw and lay waste to the overgrown laurels. Keeping up with chippings for the Binda boiler to heat the houses at Trelowarren is quite an achievement.  Phil has been doing a sterling job keeping everyone cosy as the winter weather brews.

4.   The tenders have gone out to reline the Pond with puddling clay (thank-you to the HLS Scheme). The Pond which runs alongside the Garras drive was designed and built in the manner of Humphrey Repton in the early 19thCentury to show political solidarity with the drives at Port Eliot and Tregothnan. Anti-reform in every way. The Pond and causeway were built by the Eva Brothers who also built Tremayne Quay and Boathouse. From the Great War until the movember-011990s the pond silted up and became overgrown with trees that punctured the clay lining and consequently it leaks like a masterchef colander. Now HLS are supporting us in mending the sluices to stop any further flooding and re-lining the base.

5.  The second half of the Sitka in the Long Valley has been cut now and is being transported to Falmouth for its journey across to Germany. Click here for more information about the logging

6.   Our moustaches on the Lizard are growing great guns!   How are yours doing … please facebook your photos to us.

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