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Cornish Food Market

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food-vegClick here to go through to The Cornish Food Market website and get all of your groceries delivered to your house.

…and it’s not just the depressing, overpriced and nearly out of date leftovers either. The fruit and vegetable are beyond delicious, the meat hasn’t been imprisoned in a plastic coffin and … well you’ll just have to try the hummus for yourselves.

The website explains:

More often than not the Cornish cauliflower you buy at your ‘local’ supermarket has been transported from a field in Cornwall, straight past your front door, 250 miles up the A30 and M5 to a central distribution centre. There it is forklifted off one lorry, waits for a day or two or three in an expensive food-breadtemperature controlled environment before being loaded back on to another lorry and dispatched back down the M5 and A30 to Cornwall (and possibly past your door again) to the supermarket a few miles from the field where it was grown.

Our alternative is to pay the farmer more and charge you less because we are not paying for a pointless 500 mile round trip, saving on the cost of diesel and the power required to keep produce cold in fridges slowly deteriorating for days on end.  Besides saving you money, more importantly this means that you receive produce that was literally picked yesterday and which retains much more of its goodness and flavour. (you can find out more about that here).

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