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Surprise guests at Trelowarren

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Three Hungry Boys don’t go hungry at our New Yard Restaurant.

In our experience squirrel hunting is usually the easiest thing in the world. We know our grey squirrels are legion and we are very keen to reduce their numbers in order to proceed with the Red Squirrel re-introduction programme. So of course when the Fearnley-Whittingstall team asked us if we could find fashionable grey squirrel for the 3 hungry boys to catch and cook and eat, we thought nothing could be easier.

On the day it was clear that wildlife and TV producers (and indeed boys) run to different clocks; something to do with bio-rhythms. The squirrels woke foraged and retreated to sit out the daylight hours and then the TV team turned up. More in hope than belief Ferrers grabbed his gun and went out to blast away at squirrel shaped chimera and then in desperation, when the guitar toting trio looked like they might turn to cannibalism, he shot them two pigeons.

At the time we were all experts at making Michelle Roux Jr facial expressions (having watched Professional Masterchef for entirely research purposes) so Ferrers declared a cook-off of wild food between the hungry boys and the New Yard Restaurant chefs and prepared to trim his beard neatly, open his eyes very very wide and nod sagely.

The three Oliver Twists watched in mild desperation while it took Ferrers several mouthfuls of both dishes to weigh the various merits of the preparation and finally declare the victors, whereupon they were finally allowed to fall upon their grub.

The following day JDV came upon them at Kynance as he was ambling back from a trip spear fishing. He had a large grey mullet and so he offered to give it to them but the producers rejected his offer on the basis that they were going spear fishing themselves (I think). Anyway it turns out spear fishing is a bit harder than it looks and while we ate a delicious Goan fish curry in the peaceful evening sun at home, they had potatoes and a sunset and someone played a guitar round the camp fire and evangelised a bit.  So everyone was happy.

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