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Top Ten Great Getaways for Christmas

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We have a few family traditions – some new and some old:

cosy-houseFrom a festive feast of two pounds of collops (!) to a 2012 lunch in the New Yard Restaurant Trelowarren has always been the place for festivities and feasting.

  1. Christmas Eve carol singing in the Pizza Shop with all our guests, friends and family. Eating Pizza slices and drinking mulled wine while we sing English and Cornish carols. Luckily several friends who come have incredible voices and that encourages everyone else and as the mulled wine slips down the carols just get louder.
  2. Swimming in the sea on Christmas Day. It seems unlikely on a windy wet day in November but we are often bathed in Midwinter sunshine while get ready to bathe in the sea. Unfortunately the sun doesn’t have much warmth so it’s a mad dash to get dressed again.
  3. 23rd December: Going to Mousehole to go drinking, and see the lights, while eating stargazey pie on Tom Bawcock’s Eve (you have read The Mousehole Cat haven’t you?). Expect the village to be PACKED for their biggest moment of the year.
  4. 23rd December: Going to the Cathedral to sit in the dark listeningto the nine carols and nine lessons.
  5. snow-pathDancing – whenever we have enough people to make a couple of sets. It’s amazing how much fun everyone has as soon as they know the steps to things as simple as The Dashing White Sergeant and Strip the Willow and the Eightsome. The callers and musicians tire long before the dancers.
  6. Burning the tree on 12th Night and putting all the different things onto the bonfire that are going to protect Trelowarren for the next twelve months – and then shooting the apple trees while the children run around screeching ‘Oh apple tree oh apple tree may you ever fruitful be’.
  7. Going ice skating in front of the Cathedral.
  8. Going clay pigeon shooting at Hugh Bunt’s.
  9. Watching a blockbuster – all together in a massive family heap
  10. Eating in, eating out, barbecuing, midnight snacking, feasting, reading, resting and of course partying.

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